About Pedelecs

StreetScooter PEDELECS are a special type of electric bicycle in which the rider receives assistance from the electric motor only when pedaling. That makes a PEDELECS the optimal tool for urban traffic. StreetScooter offers both the WORK Trike and the WORK Bike.

Success story

Our PEDELECS are the optimal cargo bikes for urban demand profiles. Delivery people are not the only ones who can benefit from this solution.

The cargo boxes can be easily modified to meet your individual customer requirements perfectly. Numerous users in the food delivery service and facility segment are very happy with our cargo bikes. Other satisfied customers include park authorities and municipalities. We collaborate with strong, renowned partners who can meet virtually all of your individual needs as a customer.

As company with more 30 million electrically driven kilometers, Deutsche Post DHL is a reliable input provider. As a result, we are in a position to offer a PEDELECS that truly deserves the title of “tool”!

The Bike and the Trike round off both the success story and the StreetScooter range of light utility vehicles with intelligence and sustainability. Like the other StreetScooter models, they too were developed and are manufactured at the facility in Aachen, Germany.


StreetScooter BIKE

The BIKE is an ideal solution for urban areas. Thanks to its modest width, it fits easily even in narrow spaces. The transport boxes can also be modified with relative ease.


StreetScooter TRIKE

The TRIKE model gives you considerably greater load capacity. The frame was designed to be able to incorporate numerous alternatives to the transport box. One possible variant is the municipal trike. Transporting a refuse bin or adding wire mesh sides also emphasizes your commitment to sustainability.



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