Clever e-Mobility for work

Inspired by nature

Industrialisation and mobility are two of the biggest challenges facing the world today. Environmental pollution and noise pollution are posing increasing problems for our urban centres, and the planet’s resources need to be used more sparingly than ever before.

It therefore falls to us to come up with solutions today that will safeguard the future for the generations of tomorrow. This responsibility is shared by all staff at StreetScooter – together, we have developed a solution for the commercial vehicle sector that has made us the leading provider of electric commercial vehicles in Germany today. When developing and producing our products, recyclable materials, lightness, toughness and efficiency are our priorities: our innovation is combining each of these factors intelligently to create one complete, clever solution.



Emissions-free deliveries for Bonn

Deutsche Post DHL Group has launched a pioneering project for the city of Bonn and its suburbs: it’s using CO2-free electric vehicles to make its deliveries.

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Developing intelligent solutions

Ground-breaking engineering has a key role at StreetScooter. Our mission is to develop an increasing number of clever solutions, perfectly balancing cost and climate. During this process, we learn a lot from the very thing we’re seeking to protect: the natural world.


We work in close partnership with RWTH Aachen to develop light-weight, high-capacity electric vehicles, using cutting-edge IT, innovative materials and ground-breaking production processes.


The construction of our vehicles is clever: regardless of whether you need a box body or a flatbed, each vehicle can be adapted to suit your own individual requirements.


Despite being constructed from lightweight materials in a modular design, all of our electric vehicles are perfectly suited to the challenges of your working day. Our modular system also means that repairs can be carried out quickly and easily.


Our many years of development experience have allowed us to optimise our range and the capacity, volume and cost of our vehicles to a variety of different applications. A great example of this is Deutsche Post DHL Group’s delivery service.

Charging station and battery management

When setting up your charging infrastructure, rest assured: you won’t be left to your own devices. We offer a series of systems tailored to your needs. Our clever dialogue function enables you to manage your electric fleet with maximum efficiency – with access to data on maintenance intervals, vehicle administration and power management, coordinating your electric vehicle fleet couldn't be easier.


Climate protection made in Germany

Electric vehicles are a crucial means of protecting the planet’s climate. StreetScooter is your one-stop source for all your electromobility needs – switching to an electric vehicle fleet, therefore, couldn’t be easier.

At our development and production plant in Aachen, Germany, our engineers work closely with people from all areas of industry. StreetScooter isn’t a traditional automobile company from the age of petrol and diesel engines: it’s a clever, forward-thinking manufacturer of electric commercial vehicles. Since the founding of our company in 2010, we have focused on providing companies, councils and institutions with electric vehicles for everyday use. Whether developing our product ranges or managing power, we have one goal permanently in mind: to balance cost and climate in a way that addresses the real-world challenges of managing a fleet of vehicles.

Do you want to switch to a CO2-free transport concept and boost your profile while protecting the environment? If so, we offer a tried-and-tested solution. Our company belongs to the Deutsche Post DHL Group: for the group, we developed the WORK, an electric commercial vehicle perfectly suited to the challenges of the postal services industry. Series production was launched in 2015 and the WORK is now put through its paces daily on Deutsche Post DHL Group delivery routes. This electric vehicle never ceases to impress.


Clever & Innovativ

Funded projects

StreetScooter GmbH works with partners in academia and industry on funded R&D projects for researching and developing ground-breaking new technologies. StreetScooter contributes to establishing electric vehicle fleets across Germany by focusing on questions relating to electromobility and implementing innovative ideas for new projects within interdisciplinary consortia.


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