Safety features
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

The StreetScooter is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. The range of equipment includes an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic stability control system (ESP) as well as traction control and roll-over protection. Hydraulic brake assist and electronic brake force distribution round off the safety package. Another special feature that comes standard is hill-start control, technology that provides effective start up assistance on inclines and prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards.

Elektroauto StreetScooter Homologation

The active roll-over protection system detects an impending roll-over and brings the vehicle back under control by selective braking of individual wheels whenever necessary. Traction control helps prevent wheel slippage (“over-spinning”), providing constant driving stability even on wet, i.e. low friction, driving surfaces. During heavy braking the electronic brake force distribution system provides additional stability. This prevents rear axle over-braking. The hydraulic brake assist system provides key assistance to the driver during emergency or hazard braking. Here braking distance is effectively shortened whenever needed.

Our Streetscooter vehicles have undergone mandatory crash testing to the fullest extent – and passed. These included the frontal and side-impact test, aimed at assessing how effectively the vehicle protects both driver and passenger. Airbags are of course a standard feature of all our Streetscooter models.

What’s more, the Streetscooter models offer better pedestrian protection than comparable vehicles. The vehicle body is made from a high quality, resilient synthetic material that is more energy absorbing (softer) during impact and thus offers more protection to pedestrians.

When it comes to the vehicle battery, your safety is 100% guaranteed at all times. The battery’s fire protection system easily satisfies all the safety criteria of the statutory fire resistance test (ECE-R100 R2). As a matter of fact, the battery was still functional even after the test.


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